“La Vita Preziosa” / “Precious Life”

Linocut print series, 16 artwork, 290 x 420 mm
Limited edition (20) hand print,


I draw my strength from the wings of cats. I cherished my seahorses with words, till it turned to the present time and the sound of the waves woke us up…


The  series “The Precious Life” depicts an intimate and timeless period of my existence: childhood, which I carry into and merge with the present. Both terrain and marine nature, my symbolic animals, portraits, and self portraits appear in the syncronic time of my interior vision, where the present, the past and the future merge into a representation of my own sense of “present”.  I reformulate my work with the feeling of a fairy tail but also an ironic disenchantment with the grown-up aesthetic. The series transmits dreamy, ironic, playful  feelings, but also feelings of reflection and contemplation. These emotions belong to the unpredictable fairy world of dreams but also to human existence, and its lullabies in daily life. The work evokes those rare and illuminated moments, revealed through that melding of the imaginary with the day-to-day, that is real, concrete life.


While I tend to work with complex subjects and clean forms in my installation art, in this series of hand prints,  I prefered to work instinctively and  ingeniously. As for my themes, they are more emotional and self conscious and the  aim of my technique is to reflect the same sentimentality.  My approach to printing art is to avoid mechanical process/elements, as I prefer to  preserve the whole process of the creation manually. It is more time consuming,  but it also creates a more challenging and genuine medium since each work is the  essential and the crucial product of my manual dexterity, regardless of its  excellence or faultiness, is truly unique. Therefore, the whole process of  creation and art making is fully dependent on me as each completed piece bears my  personal traces as well as its own pure nature.