bla bla bla

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bla bla bla is an artist book project which is exhibited as a sound installation along with the artist book. The project consists of a CD case whose back is black and inside is white. The CD case contains a double track recorded CD and its transparent *libretto* CD. On the one surface of the transparent CD, the artist has written an extremely personal text with a white pencil horizontally. On the other surface of the CD, the famous, simply dummy text of printing, Lorem Ipsum, is written with a black pencil in a spiral form, as a loop. The viewer can make use of the CD case and create his/her own choice as in the following: he/she can follow the pattern of the extremely personal text by putting the white-written side of the transparent CD on the black surface of the CD case or – if he/she does not prefer to be involved with the artist’s personal issues he/she can simply leave the transparent CD on which Lorem Ipsum is written with black pencil in a spiral form on the white surface of the CD case.

Exhibitions :

June 2010 : Traiettorie Liberate -Citta delle Arti / Immagine e Musica nel Barocco e Contemporaneo, artist book “bla bla bla”, curated by Andrea Granchi and Giuliana Videtta ,Sala Ex Leopoldine, Florence/ Italy

June 2010 : Open day- Futuribili, artist book “bla bla bla” and artist book “ Clean Hands”curated by Andrea Granchi ,Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florence / Italy


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